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I'm walking all night to prevent suicide, you can help! [Mar. 31st, 2007|12:47 pm]
Quarter-Life Crisis

I'm walking all night to prevent suicide, you can help!
I hope this isn't off topic, but I'm going to be taking part in the AFSP's Out of the Darkness Overnight 2007 in NYC on June 9-10th. This is a 20 mile walk from sundown to sunup to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention.

To help me fundraise, please go http://www.theovernight.org/fundraising/suechru

More information on the Overnight is available at http://www.theovernight.org
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life advice [Mar. 19th, 2006|04:34 pm]
Quarter-Life Crisis
Please read this and comment. I know this might be construed as off-topic, but please help me if you can. I need some life advice, rather desperately.

I moved about a year ago to be closer to my partner. Although I love him, my life is very difficult right now and I really need support. I'm broke, stuck in a crappy job, miss my friends, lack any support from my family, and although I have a lot of valuable experience and skills, am just not sure what to do with my life. I'm struggling with a lot of questions, both spiritual and practical.

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re: doctoral project help [Jan. 28th, 2006|11:22 am]
Quarter-Life Crisis
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Hello everyone!
I'm in the process of finishing up my doctoral degree in psychology. I'm looking for individuals interested in participating in my doctoral project on emerging adulthood. If you are between the ages of 18-29 years old (or know someone interested in participating) and are willing to participate in my online questionnaire please go to


The questionnaire will take you less than half an hour.

I thank you in advance for your help and participation.

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A more active Message Board for you Twentysomethings needing more interaction [Dec. 7th, 2005|07:57 am]
Quarter-Life Crisis
I see this board isn't too active, and neither are many of the other ones on this subject. I'll assume it's because everyone is already signed up to the boards on QuarterLifeCrisis.com Message Boards

If not, I'd recommend going there. As with all message boards, there are more members, more subjects, more divisions, and more activity.

X posted to several places
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Get a book on Quarterlife for the most info [Nov. 17th, 2005|09:22 pm]
Quarter-Life Crisis
I highly suggest getting books about the Quarter Life Crisis. Check your library, bookstore, or Amazon.com. I'm finding some great information. Books like these are great overviews, for any more in depth questions you can always ask someone you who would likely know (which you should always do), or someone on the net.

List of Books about and for Twentysomethings
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new here [Jul. 16th, 2005|12:22 am]
Quarter-Life Crisis

25 year old nyc chica. My long term, live in boyfriend and I just broke up after almost 4 years together and talking/ planning marriage. I am in a profession I love, just starting out, really, yet this breakup is dragging me.... I am struggling to stay afloat.. this is a really tough time, cause there is so much to accomplish, and not enough time. I have to be all these things by thirty, and I am freaking out.... I was on the right track, and now... I don't have anything solid to stand on. I am actually thinking of moving to LA quite soon... a chance to start fresh, and leave the heartache behind...

thanks for listening...

I bought this book called

20 something 20 everything: a quarter-life woman's guide to balance and direction by Christine Hassler

I bought this 2 months ago... it came out this year.. although it's to women, men can read it and find guidance too. this community will be great for me, since all my friends are older, 30----35 years old.. I've never really had friends my age, who were going thru the same stuff as me at the same time..
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*enter generic intro title here* [Jun. 2nd, 2005|09:16 pm]
Quarter-Life Crisis

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Hello everyone. This seems like an interesting community. As I'm not having a SEVERE quarter life crisis, I thought I'd join since I may be having a 'minor' one. I graduated from Grad school last month with an MA in Music History and I've applied for my DMA (Dr of Musical Arts) for the fall. I want to be a college professor of Music History. In the midst of the DMA application process I randomly decided to look for any adjunct openings in the area colleges & universities for my field. I actually got turned down from my own dept (Long Island Univ- CW Post) and by Hofstra U (They're just not hiring). Other schools have confirmed they've received my info and told me they will know over the summer if they need what I have to offer. One school even said the END OF AUGUST. But the semester begins around Labor Day...that's not much time to prepare a course if I'm at all hired. This is the only thing in my life right now (besides my debt!) that's haunting me. I'm 25 with a Masters degree and I'm stuck working at an Eckerd Photo Lab (for those who don't have Eckerd, it's a drug store!). All my customers have congratulated me I've been there for almost 9 yrs (Since I was 16. It's my first and only on the books job!) I feel that I'm going nowhere. I was a Graduate Assistant in my 3 semesters of Grad school and I loved it. Now I'm just back and forth from home to Eckerd 4-5 days a week. It sucks.

I've finally got a bf that's my best friend in the entire world and he supports me thru my tangents of "I want a job now". So he's the light of my day and what keeps me going.

I'm on eggshells over here waiting. *fingers crossed*!

Thanks for hearing me vent!
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2005|10:22 pm]
Quarter-Life Crisis

I moved back to the small town my college is in almost a year ago to live with my boyfriend, and have been unemployed (basically, sponging off him) ever since. I got my BA two years ago! I'm about to turn 25, and I have no direction. I got my degree in Japanese Studies which, while I enjoyed doing it, isn't very marketable, especially around here. Regardless of my major, I've been finding it very difficult to think of a single thing I think I'd really want to do. You know, most people at least have a far-reaching dream job. About all I have right now is some things I think might be interesting, but that seem to require further education to get into. And, really, what's the point of forking over tons of money for a Masters or PhD when I'm not even sure it's something I want to do? I suppose I could get an internship or something (once I finally get out of this town). Hey, at least my personal life is pretty good! I've got something there.
It's hard to feel like you're going nowhere, but not knowing where you want to be just makes it worse. Oh well! I guess I just needed to complain! Thanks for letting me.
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2005|07:34 pm]
Quarter-Life Crisis

I'm 22 and I will be graduating this January from Queens College, CUNY. I have majored in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing, and also studied Accounting and Math. I want to write, but I need to find a job/career that will help me to support myself and also stimulate my mind.
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