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new here - Quarter-Life Crisis [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Quarter-Life Crisis

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new here [Jul. 16th, 2005|12:22 am]
Quarter-Life Crisis


25 year old nyc chica. My long term, live in boyfriend and I just broke up after almost 4 years together and talking/ planning marriage. I am in a profession I love, just starting out, really, yet this breakup is dragging me.... I am struggling to stay afloat.. this is a really tough time, cause there is so much to accomplish, and not enough time. I have to be all these things by thirty, and I am freaking out.... I was on the right track, and now... I don't have anything solid to stand on. I am actually thinking of moving to LA quite soon... a chance to start fresh, and leave the heartache behind...

thanks for listening...

I bought this book called

20 something 20 everything: a quarter-life woman's guide to balance and direction by Christine Hassler

I bought this 2 months ago... it came out this year.. although it's to women, men can read it and find guidance too. this community will be great for me, since all my friends are older, 30----35 years old.. I've never really had friends my age, who were going thru the same stuff as me at the same time..

[User Picture]From: serenete
2005-07-16 12:05 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the tough time you're having about the breakup - it filters through everything :(

I've been reconnecting with old high school friends recently and while we're all exactly the same age, we're all at really different stages of life. We've got the singles, the couples, the marrieds, the marrieds with children - all at the same age. It's pretty scary.

Welcome to the fold :)
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